A. (Anne) Smit MSc

A. (Anne) Smit MSc


In August 2013, Anne graduated in Criminology at the VU. Her specialisation was Life-course Criminology and Law Enforcement in Practice. also completed the Research Track in Criminology. From November 2012, Anne worked as Loss Prevention Manager at a large retail brand. She was responsible for minimizing loss created by shoplifters, operational errors and employee theft. She was evolved with the research carried out by Catrien Bijleveld (NSCR) on crime through generations, as well as in the the PhD research by Miriam Wijkman on under-age female sex offenders. Anne is currently writing her PhD dissertation entitled ‘Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Children in Divorce Procedures: Towards Evidence-Based Guidelines’.


Main publications

Calderoni, F., Favarin, S., Ingrascí, O. & Smit, A. (2012). United Kingdom. The Factbook on the Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products 1. Trento: Transcrime.

Smit, A., Antokolskaia, M. and Bijleveld, C. (2015) Between Scylla and Charybdis: A Literature Review of Sexual Abuse Allegations in Divorce Proceedings. Psychology, 6, 1373-1384